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Living a Life Full of Color

We live in a world full of color, excitement and energy. An environment in which there are instances when singing, dancing or rocking out to our favorite song on a subway platform is not embarrassing, but necessary. A world that dares us to be bold and express ourselves.

Simply put, it is a world full of irresistible things, people and moments that we just want to touch, experience, feel and interact with.

Just like you, Tampico knows this and understands this notion of irresistible.

But why are we telling you this, you already know this.

You know that Bottling Irresistible™ fruit punch blends is not only our job, it is our mission.

We are writing this today to inform you that as the maestro of irresistible fruit flavors that ignites taste sensations no body - or body part - can resist we are dedicating ourselves to full-color living.

As you can see we have made changes to our website and are looking forward to sharing our endeavors, as well as, capturing your irresistible moments here.

We want to hear from you. We want to know what makes you sing at the top of your lungs on a crowded train during rush hours. We want to know what makes you dance in the rain.

The new website is here to help inform you about when and where you can interact with us, not just digitally, but in person. How you can use Tampico’s fruit punches for more than just a drink.

At the same time, it is here for you to tell us how you use Tampico. Do you have a special recipe that we don’t know about? Will you share it for all of us?

We are excited and hope you are as well.

Now get out there and live a life full of color. Be irresistible.