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Choose Color

Brand New Look. Irresistible As Ever.

On May 5th, 2014 Tampico Beverages kicks off the Choose Color campaign which will continue during the summer of 2014.

#Choosecolor is designed to engage young adults in a relevant and meaningful way to celebrate and support colorful living. Young Adults will be engaged with the Tampico brand both through social media and with our unique Tampico Vision Booth in selected markets for an interactive experience with Tampico. 

At the Tampico Vision Booth, consumers will get to experience color in an entirely new way with our customized Tampico Vision glasses which diffract light in order to see the world in an entirely new and more colorful way. 

Participants will also able to customize what color is to them with our “Color is ___” dry erase board which features LED lights to diffract light and create color in a way that’s never been seen before.  The Tampico Facebook site will feature a picture of each individual holding their personalized board that can be easily shared online.

Those experiencing the Tampico Vision Booth will take their Tampico Vision glasses with them to continue experiencing full color living with Tampico.