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Color Your World

Discover Flavors of Fun

On May 5th, 2016 Tampico Beverages kicks off Color Your World, an interactive campaign created to inspire Tampico lovers everywhere.

The purpose of #ColorYourWorld is to brighten your summer with a refreshing and colorful message. At Tampico, we see the beauty of taking the word “color” from a noun to an action. Through our events and social hangouts, our goal is to help you create sweet and memorable experiences with friends and family. We believe that when you add color, things change for the better. And we want to make a splash by bringing the party to you.

Whether it's connecting with our Tampico moms via our blog or participating in fun activities on our social channels, it's all about celebrating the power of color. Social media savvy moms will especially love #Emojiball2, a sweepstakes on the Tampico Facebook page where they play for prizes in a language we all know and love: emoji.

This summer, we invite you to think outside the box. But you don't have to do it alone. Fuel your fun with Tampico and explore what it truly means to Color Your World.